Andrea Keeble’s participatory Workshops are aimed to explore the performance skills and creative processes that are required in performance, effective practice and composition writing.

Mission Statement

The workshops explore music with the instrumentalists through performance skills, creative play and reflective awareness.

Andrea advocates greater awareness and creative insight in the learning process in order develop performance confidence, enhance musical expression and general well being.

Focus of the Workshops

Tailored to suit each learning environment, the Workshops can focus on –

• Performance practice strategies (solo and/ensemble)
• Efficient instrumental and practice techniques
• Ensemble playing and effective rehearsal skills
• Developing creative expression
• Effective body use and the application of the Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais Method
• Concentration skills and developing an insight into the relationship between mind and body

The Workshops can therefore include –

• Conducting
• Composition
• Improvisation
• Motivational speaking and discussion in music career paths

Outcomes can include –

• Ensemble and/solo performance(s) with/without an audience
• A recording
• An original composition
• A greater sense of well being

Workshops are adaptable for –

• All ages and standards of musicians (teachers and students)
• Addressing specific individual interests
• School Music Camps or scheduled music or ensemble rehearsal class
• Workshop series
• Specific concert preparation
• Facilitating the development of “unprepared performance” in VCE students
• Private studio
• Community environments
• Instrumentalists other than string players


“Andrea was able to gauge the level of the students immediately and provide suitable extension activities while giving them a vision for their future through her own playing”
Judy Hill
Head of Strings, Baimbridge College, Hamilton Vic.
“Andrea helps students to explore musical form and structure in their pieces in ways that develop their understanding of how music works in a broader sense. She nurtures confidence in performance by helping students to explore ways to relate to their audience, and to maintain focus and relaxation… the Ad Hoc Collective [are] engaging educators [and demonstrate] superb musicianship”
Heather Cummins
(Co-Director of Music, Resonance String Orchestra Strings Program Co-ordinator, Woodend Primary School, Vic)
“Fresh, compassionate, inspiring”
Sonny Chua
(Composer, Director of Music at Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School, Melbourne Vic)