Keeble Collective in Concert (full version)


Keeble Collective featuring Dan Witton
Excerpts from Congratulations, Reflections and Peel Away

Pi Quartet

Farewell Little World

Suite Actuality
for Strings, Voice and Visuals, performed by Keeble Collective. Music by Andrea Keeble and Visuals by Dotahn Caspi.

Video One: 3 mins

Video Two: 15 mins

What is our reality?
Are our sense experiences the same?
What do we really see, hear … and feel?

Suite Actuality is an evocative exploration of sound, sight, perception and emotion. Based around three traditional string quartet movements inspired by the composer’s own photographs, Suite Actuality then sets out a challenge: Through this multi-sensory exploration, can we create a common experience, and share a rich internal understanding?

The original images, by themselves just moments in time and space, occupy a niche in the performance. Together with the quartet movements, these set pieces in turn inspire live responses from visual artist Dotahn Caspi, which likewise further challenge the musicians to four improvised movements that bend and flow around everything occurring on stage.

In presenting and creating these fixed and fluid multi-sensory responses, the composer and performers continually ask the audience: Do you see what we see? And together, what do we feel?

Suite Actuality is aesthetic and expressive, atmospheric and challenging. The fifty-minute performance weaves classical, jazz and modern themes with vocal and visual avant-garde improvisation, all masterfully rendered by the versatile Keeble Collective.