Tuesday 24th
September 2019
at 12.30 pm

Melbourne Polytechnic
Yarra Edge Music Centre (Theatre)
room G101 at Melbourne Polytechnic,
Yarra Bend Road, Fairfield VIC 3078.


Andrea Keeble, violin, and Anthony Schulz, piano accordion, present a unique opportunity for students and music lovers to observe the intricate and intimate workings behind their new collaboration “Sun Most South”.  Andrea and Anthony will perform and discuss their process of adaptation, arrangement and composition for violin and piano accordion armed with their respective wealth of experience that includes Cosmo Cosmolino and Zulya and the Children of the Underground as well as their backgrounds in Classical and Jazz music.  The workshop will explore their process that led to the reconceptualisation of Manuel DeFalla’s El Amor Brujo’; Love the Magician, a passionate expose’ of love conquering evil and Prokofiev’s Violin Sonata alongside Stravinsky, Dilermando Ries and their own original works.