MUSICA Concert Series will be presenting another wonderful evening of new and improvised music on..

Monday 25th March 7.30 pm @ Carlton Courthouse
349 Drummond St, Carlton  |  Tickets at the door $15/10

Adam King (percussion) first set at 7.30 pm

followed by..
Keeble/Morrigan/Schulz/Sherriff at 8.15 pm
The second set of the evening will be featuring a series of new arrangements and compositions of duets, a trio and an improvised quartet by all performers.

Including ..
As a new collaboration, Andrea Keeble (violin) and Anthony Schulz (piano accordion) will be performing their arrangements of works by Prokofiev and Stravinsky plus their own original duets;

Adrian Sherriff will perform a new duet by Andrea for Violin + Shakuhachi, and in term, perform a new duet by Adrian for Violin + Shakuhachi;
Kylie Morrigan will join Andrea to improvise as violin dualists, and then include a new work by Kylie for 2 Violins + Trombone;

And to conclude, we will all improvise together, Violin (prepared), Violin (5 string), Shakuhachi (and Trombone?!) and Piano Accordion.

I’d like to thank MUSICA (Adrian Sherriff and Annabel Warmington) for their  wholehearted support of new and improvised music over the past 18 years and am privileged to be included in their final concert series (concluding in June).

Hope to see you there!