Andrea Keeble’s“Congratulations” SINGLE launch and Suite Actuality: 7 mvts for string 4tet, voice and visuals. Performed by Ad Hoc Music Collective  |  Visuals by Dotahn Caspi

Saturday 26th August at 7.30 pm 
Community Room, Abbotsford Convent
1 St Heliers Street Abbotsford

Tickets at the door (cash only): Adult $30 / concession $20

The ‘Congratulations‘ Single launch Concert will feature the Ad Hoc Music Collective performing the title track of the album by Andrea Keeble to be released in Dec 2017. ‘Suite Actuality’: 7 movements for string 4tet, voice and visuals by Dotahn Caspi will also be performed giving the audience a sneak preview of a number of the tracks to be released on the new “Congratulations” album – new, contemporary Eclectica.

The ‘Congratulations‘ Single is a beautifully composed song, with gorgeous, fluid vocals by Dan Witton.  Far from being prosaic, the song plays on the courage in breaking down old habits as it moves from cabaret to gypsy folk to classical and back again creating an impression of positive change.

You can listen and purchase the track ‘Congratulations’ here

Suite Actuality is an exploration of sight, sound, perception and emotion. Weaving classical, jazz and modern themes with vocal and visual avant-garde improvisation, the versatile Ad Hoc Music Collective continually challenges us: Do you see what we see? And together, what do we feel?
The stylistic range of Ad Hoc Music Collective is impressive, performing compositions by Andrea Keeble that at times seem almost wholly experimental suddenly branching into classical ostinatos with accessible lyrics and chord progressions.

Andrea Keeble and Kylie Morrigan, Violins
Ceridwen Davies, Viola
Helena Mountfort, ‘Cello
Shannon Birchall, Double Bass
Ronny Ferella, Drums and percussion
Dan Witton, Voice

If you like eclectic music, this is the concert for you, with its atmosphere and flavours of Keeble’s own long-term band Cosmo Cosmolino, straight jazz, classical Bartok strings and Iceland’s Sigur Ros.