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A Suite in 7 movements for String Quartet, Voice and Visuals
composed by Andrea Keeble with visuals by Dotahn Caspi
performed by Ad Hoc Music Collective

@ Conduit Arts
83 Brunswick St on Sunday May 25th at 6.30 pm.
Tickets $15/10 at the door
Andrea Keeble and Heather Stewart (violins)
Jason Bunn (Viola)
Anita Hustas (double bass)
Carolyn Connors (voice) 

What do we really see, hear and feel? Suite Actuality is an exploration of sight, sound, perception and emotion. Weaving three classical and four spontaneous movements with visual improvisation, the versatile Ad Hoc Music Collective continually challenges us: Do you see what we see? And together, what do we feel?