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Andrea Keeble’s Congratulations
reflects her distinct body of composition and musicianship for the last two decades in the Australian music scene. Two beautifully arranged songs with gorgeous vocals by Dan Witton bookend the recording. The tracks in-between explore strings, jazz, improvisation and experimental ground – from cabaret to gypsy to classical and back.

This range is impressive, with compositions that seem wholly experimental suddenly branching into classical ostinatos, gentle lyrics and accessible progressions. With its atmospheric flavours of Keeble’s long-term membership with gypsy ensemble Cosmo Cosmolino, and influences of jazz standards, classical string quartets and contemporary pop, Congratulations is a rewarding listening experience.





Andrea Keeble’s debut CD,“Teeter” is a musical memoir of Andrea’s original compositions for solo violin, voice, loop pedal, duet, trio, and quartets. As a versatile violinist & improviser, Andrea’s compositions are influenced by a myriad of genres, from minimalism to folk to classical and to hints of pop.  She has included the cream of Melbourne recording musicians featuring artists from Cosmo Cosmolino, Collider, My Friend the Chocolate Cake, Orchestra Victoria, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Sonny Chua.



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